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Hernia Repair

Hernias develop when tissues inside the abdominal cavity protrude from their normal location through a weakness in the abdominal wall or fascia. Hernias most commonly occur in the groin, the umbilicus (the belly button), or near a surgical incision from a previous operation.  Hernias symptoms can vary widely.  Many hernias will have no symptoms or be minimally bothersome to an individual while others can be troublesome on a daily basis and have a significant impact or their quality of life or ability to perform their job duties.

Depending upon the location of the hernia, Dr. Martinez repairs hernias using either open or minimally invasive laparoscopic techniques.  For inguinal hernias, Dr. Martinez uses the Bard PerFix Plug to repair the defect through a single small incision in the groin.  For hernias of the ventral abdominal wall, including umbilical and incisional hernias, Dr. Martinez uses a minimally invasive laparoscopic approach through a series of tiny incisions to cover the hernia from inside the abdomen. This technique has significantly reduced both the wound infection rate and the risk of hernia recurrence following the repair.  After laparoscopic surgery, most patients are able to return home on the same day to recover.  Patients prefer laparoscopic hernia repair because it requires less downtime, causes less pain, and is cosmetically more appealing.

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